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 Bottled Water

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Is bottled water bull shit?
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PostSubject: Bottled Water   Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:31 am

just had a brain orgasm and realized bottled water is so damn expensive and i dare you to prove me wrong. 1 bottle of aquafina water costs (im guessing) about a dollar (1.50 in hawaii) in the U.S. remember now that those water bottles come in 20oz bottles now ok. now know that its 128 oz in a gallon. so its just over 6 bottles of water to make a gallon. thats like 6 dollars+ there PER GALLON. now for something we all think is expensive... gas for our car. thats 3.97 a gallon (in hawaii). that means bottled water is about 1.5x more expensive than gas. god fucking damn
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Bottled Water
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