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 General FAQs

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PostSubject: General FAQs   Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:41 am

Q: What are "points"?

A: "Points" is just a fun thing i added to the forum to give a reason to people to be active. this "points" thing is in beta and i will have all rights to cancel or change thing if i like.

Q: What can i do with these "points"?

A: You can get free stuff with these "points". i am currently thinking of other things to do with em but nothing comes to mind quite yet

Q: How do i get "points"

A: Getting "points" is fairly easy. just post would be the easiest way. Refer to the list below
  • Post replys and new subjects
  • Donate
  • Do varies services to admins and other members
  • Contest

You can also lose points by:
  • Spamming
  • Posting hazardous link
  • Begging
  • Breaking any other forum rules
  • Doing/posting anything illegal (ex. child porn)

Q: What prizes can i get?

A: Prizes depend on the points. right now they will be basic prizes like chocolate, hawaiian gifts...etc

Q: Earlier you said you can get points from services. What are these services?

A: They could be anything from real life or virtual. like if someone some bubble gum but they dont sell it in his or her state, someone else can mail them that item. another example would be like if someone need an item for a website or a game. if someone else give him that item for a discount or free points will be awards. proof will be needed for both.

Q: What proof do i need?

A: Pictures, screen shots, videos...etc. anything as long as i can tell. failure of proof will not award points
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General FAQs
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