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 EyeBall's top sites

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PostSubject: EyeBall's top sites   Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:13 pm

these are a list of site that i approve and enjoy from day to day basis

www.facebook.com : i just love it. main site that im always on
www.youtube.com : what is better than watching videos. ill be starting to make vid too soon
www.twitter.com : im not a crazy twitter guy yet but im getting into it
www.yahoo.com : mainly for email. thats all
www.amazon.com : has almost everything i want to buy and shop there alot

and now sites that people dont know too well or at all
www.myyearbook.com : kinda like facebook but more stupid, alot of girls r sluts and guys a pathetically sad and perverted
www.entensity.net : updates monday, wednesday, and friday. has alot of adult humor and other stuff like porn, current big fight results and shit
www.screwattack.com : awesome videogame site. up to date with current videogame news and some humor in the middle
www.neopets.com : a site i go to when im bored. help me with this link here
www.heroglyphix.com : a complicated puzzle site that i like
lowkick.blitzcorner.com : up to date with all sorts of mma news
www.phonezoo.com : make an account and u can make all the ringtones u want
team.forsvarsmakten.se/english/ : now this is a crazy fun teamwork game. just try it with ranom ppl or with friends
everydaydrinkers.tv/ : if u love drinking alcohol this is a great site to learn new drinks and see how the host thinks of it. maybe learn a little too
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EyeBall's top sites
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