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 What i'd like to see from Nintendo

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PostSubject: What i'd like to see from Nintendo   Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:37 pm

id love to see a hardcore gamer console but not any hardcore gamer console. id love to see what id call the RNV. what is the "RNRV"? well it would be "Retro Nintendo ReVamped" it will have ONLY retro games like super mario, metroid, legend of zeldas...etc but all remade. the same game but newer and better graphic. they could even add more levels, secrects, easter eggs...etc. hell since nintendo puts sonic in some of thier games they could but sonic games. hell could u imagine playing classic super mario bros 3 but with better grapics and like in world 3-2 (i picked a random world) u see sonic in there some place. that would be so awesome
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What i'd like to see from Nintendo
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